Practicing Fierce Compassion for Collective Liberation

Coalition of New York City area Buddhists...

to organize and inspire compassionate Buddhist initiatives in advancing social, economic, and environmental justice for the benefit of all beings, undertaken through advocacy and nonviolent direct action.

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Rivers & Mountains
GreenFaith Circle

Because the Earth and all people are sacred and at risk,

GreenFaith is building a worldwide, multi-faith

climate and environmental movement.



We make Care of Creation a central moral priority by working in solidarity to mitigate the climate emergency and to preserve and restore natural resources and biodiversity for present and future generations. 


...to preserve the global environment on which all life depends by working to make the Earth sustainable and by addressing climate change

faith engagement committee

The coalition members of NY Renews hail from across the state and across constituencies... labor unions, community groups, environmental organizations, faith communities, environmental justice advocates— the list goes on. We find inspiration in our diversity of perspectives, and strength in our breadth of expertise.


...aims to join cultural activism with ecological responsibility to regenerate the planet, people and economy.  BASILICA GREEN includes new public programs, local green initiatives and strategic partnerships that foster cultural activism, equity, environmental stewardship and sustainable community development.



...to support, inspire, train and mobilize a world-wide movement of members and affiliates conducting humanitarian, peace-building, social and civic action

based on the Zen Peacemakers’ Three Tenets:

Not Knowing, Bearing Witness and Taking Action.

The Mohican homelands extend along the Hudson River from south of Pine Plains and the Roelof Jansen Kill, south of the present Connecticut-Massachusetts border on northward to Lake George and the upper portions of Lake Champlain, and from the Catskill and Helderberg mountains on the west eastward into the upper Housatonic River Valley and western New England.

Stockbridge Munsee Band of the Mohican

Cultural Affairs Website

Original Stewards

It is with gratitude and humility that we acknowledge that we are learning, speaking and gathering on the ancestral homelands of the Muhheaconneok or Mohican people and the Munsee Lenape people, who are the indigenous peoples of this land.  Despite tremendous hardship in being forced from this land, today their community resides in Wisconsin and is known as the Stockbridge-Munsee Community.


This land is near the homelands of other indigenous peoples and First Nations, including the Schaghticoke First Nations.  Indigenous peoples continue efforts to reclaim and steward the land today.


We pay honor and respect to their ancestors past and present as we commit to building a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative space for all.